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The school campus gives a lot of thought in the planning stage as it is a space where children spend a major portion of their student life. This is important as a child will live through different phases of student life in this second home. As such our school is a matrix that synergies seamlessly to help our students ascend through these phases effortlessly.


The PRE-PRIMARY wing houses the Pre-Nursery, the Nursery and the Preparatory classes. Thoughtfully designed classrooms will provide a warm environment that is so essential for the growing years. A team of Pre-School, Early Childhood Care and Education and Montessori trained teachers will gently initiate the little ones into the world of learning.


PRIMARY LEVEL brings the world of written and printed words to the children. The Primary Wing has Class I to Class V. Hands-on learning through thematic curriculum are introduced and children are access to facilities like Library, Swimming Pool, AV Room, Art & Craft Centre, Fine Art Centre, Games Hall and exposed to new subjects in a phased and gradual manner. Subjects like EVS will become a part of the syllabus and students are gradually introduced to various concepts of science, history and geography delivered through a mix of classroom teaching and audio-visual media. Hobbies and aptitudes are identified and encouraged.


Academics takes on a different dimension once students reach Class VI. Here onwards students study in the SECONDARY LEVEL. A more substantive curriculum is introduced including subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Sciences and Mathematics. Classroom lectures integrate experiment-based teaching to elucidate concepts and theories. Dedicated subject laboratories are utilised to demonstrate practical applications. As soon as students reach Class VIII their curriculum is geared towards mastering the CBSE Board Exams that they will face in the next couple of years.