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Dear Parents,

Principal - Sanjay Dewangan "No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness, and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure.”
In this ever-progressing world, sticking too firmly to just one set of beliefs and ideas could be hazardous. While I had this epiphany in the early years of my career, the past unprecedented year of life in lockdown strengthened my faith further in this notion. Keeping up with the reforms diligently as and when required in such changing world is the only apt way of working for students from different age groups. I owe it to the profession I chose. We, at Delhi Public School Anand, believe that learning is a lifelong process and therefore, are well equipped for all-out development of youngsters with our variations of different strategies, fitting the elements of the changing world to accomplish shared objectives and destinations. There’s something for everyone. "To motivate the late bloomers, to mould the mediocre, and to challenge the gifted” is the teaching notion we exercise. Having full faith in the perfection that exists in every child and believing that there is a sparkle of genius in each individual, what we are doing here is simply transforming ourselves into mentors to arouse the same. While covid-19 unceasingly disrupted every aspect of our lives, quality education seemed to be the prime way to deal with the new uprising. As such, a steady administration, committed educators along with mindful and cooperative guardians re-blended promptly and amicably, to carry forward the harmonious functioning of this driven establishment. We do not see school as merely an institution. For us, it is a beautiful world where kids embark on this journey to be better prepared not only for the happy times ahead but for the hardships too that the world might throw at them in the future. We wish to ensure and assure our valued parents that our fraternity has made it their responsibility to bring out the best in all the kids and young adults. The members of the school collectively think that while we cannot predict the drudgery one might have to face, we can work in unison to at least assuage these struggles.

Dr. Surender Singh Pundir